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Identity is always checked upon check-in

Veikkaus has a legal obligation to identify and know its customers. This means, among other things, that we must verify the identity of our customers.

1.11. 2022 from now on, we check the customer’s identity upon arrival at the casino, so please keep a valid identity document with you. You will still need a casino card to play slots and table games, and with a Veikkaus card you can play coupon games.

By acting in this way, we ensure responsible, safe and reliable gaming transactions for all our customers.

We accept the following identity documents

  1. A passport, granted by Finnish authorities
  2. A passport, granted by foreign authorities
  3. A personal identity card, granted by Finnish authorities (granted after 1 March 1999) 
  4. A personal identity card, granted within the EU and EEA (incl. Switzerland, San Marino), approved as travel document
  5. A domestic driving license (in plastic*), granted since October 1990
  6. An alien’s passport and a refugee’s travel document (no records of unclear identity)
*) Veikkaus accepts plastic domestic driving licenses as documents for registering as a Loyal Customer and making purchases, based on risk assessment. A driving license is a certificate of the right to drive a vehicle granted by Traficom, and it is not accepted as a method of first authentication at banks (online banking ID). Veikkaus does not accept large plastic driving licenses granted before 10/1990 due to potentially more extensive opportunities of abuse.

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Are you over 18 years old?

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