Casino ID – Key to a responsible world of games

At Veikkaus’ Casino Helsinki you play authenticated. The Know Your Game customer programme supports responsible gaming. On your first visit, you will get a Casino ID card, a key to our world of games. Our goal is to make sure that everybody can keep gaming on the joyful side by setting personal limits on their gaming.

Know Your Game – Our customer programme for responsible gaming

At Veikkaus’ Casino Helsinki, we want to protect the joy of gaming. That is why you will become a part of the Know Your Game customer programme on your first visit. Once you register at the casino reception, you get a personal Casino ID card, a key to our world of games in Helsinki.

At the tables, you authenticate yourself by giving your Casino ID card to the dealer, and on slot machines, you feed your card into the card reader.

Our customer loyalty programme is based on responsibility and does not reward people for gaming. We encourage all our players to familiarize themselves with the rules of the games, since it is easier to control gaming and set personal limits on your gaming if you know them. Our staff is always happy to answer any questions pertaining to the games and offer advice on responsible gaming.

Tools for gaming control

Our goal is that every customer would set suitable personal limits on their gaming. You can access the following tools for gaming control:

  • In table games, daily purchase limits
  • On slot machines, daily time and loss limits

You can also block your gaming on the slot machines for the rest of the day by pressing the “Panic button” (Peliesto), designed for self-exclusion. You will recognize the button for its red colour on the card reader screen.

Access restrictions

If you lose the joy of gaming, you can opt for an entry ban to the casino. The ban can be either a complete entry ban or limit the number of visits (e.g., once per month).

A temporary access ban or restriction is valid for a minimum of one month and a maximum of one year.

An indefinite access ban or restriction is valid until the individual requests its removal. The removal of an indefinite access ban or restriction can be requested no earlier than one year after its imposition.

Please contact our staff to set your limits.

Casino ID -kortti

Responsible gaming principles prioritised at the casino

Casino Helsinki is the only locations in Finland where you can engage in casino gambling activities. Gambling refers to gaming where the outcome is based partly or entirely on random chance and the potential gain or loss can be disproportionate as compared with the players’ wealth.

Our casino implements Veikkaus’ Responsible Gaming Programme, complying with the duties imposed on casino activities by law. 

The general principles of the casino activities and what they mean to the players

  • Our activities are organized prioritising security and integrity
  • We guarantee the customers’ data protection
  • Our marketing communications are only targeted at adults
  • We prevent illegal activities efficiently
  • We do not encourage customers to take unreasonable risks  
  • We work to mitigate the risks of problem gambling
  • We offer the customers high-quality games and entertainment services

The European Casino Association ECA has granted the Responsible Gambling Framework certificate to Casino Helsinki

The European Casino ECA has 29 member casinos from around Europe. The ECA Responsible Gambling Framework certificate is a recognition of the valuable work done at Casino Helsinki for the prevention of problem gambling, the training of the staff in issues associated gambling problems, the high quality of our activities, and the fact that we share our best practices with other casino operators.

– The ECA certificate is a recognition of our long-term work for responsibility at Casino Helsinki. Caring for the players is a natural priority to us, and a daily part of our work. We invest in dialogue with the customers and offer them a wide variety of options for limiting their gaming, says Tiina Siltanen, General Manager of Casino Helsinki.

Casino Helsinki is part of Veikkaus

Veikkaus is a Finnish gaming company. The proceeds from our games are used for the benefit of everyone living in Finland, and we have thousands of beneficiaries around Finland.

The age limit for gambling is 18 years. Help for gambling problems

Leo Komarov and Lukas Hradecký are Casino Helsinki’s ambassadors for responsible gaming in 2024. The ambassadors guide you through the casino’s digital customer path so that you can set yourself gaming limits that suit you.