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Casino Helsinki

Casino Helsinki has offered entertainment to people in the city centre of Helsinki for 30 years. It was originally opened as Casino RAY at the Hotel Presidentti in 1991, bringing long-awaited international ambience to our capital city. Later, the name was changed into Grand Casino Helsinki, and the casino moved to its current premises, to a spacious and modern setting specifically designed for it, next to the Central Railway Station. Today, Casino Helsinki provides a vast selection of international slots and table games, entertainment, and restaurant services. The legendary Fennia Salonki stage has boasted numerous events with a multitude of icons of Finnish popular culture.

Casino Helsinki is a forerunner in the building of a responsible gaming environment in the European casino setting. To play our games, you must authenticate yourself with a Casino ID card, which you use to set personal limits on your gaming.

Location and opening hours

Casino Helsinki

Mikonkatu 19
00100 Helsinki

Sun-Thu 15–02
Fri-Sat 15–04

Casino Helsinki is located in the very heart of Helsinki, by the Central Railway Station. It is within a five-minute walk from the railway station and the nearest metro station. The closest parking garage is in Kluuvi and is open daily 6:00-24:00, with exit around the clock. You can pay for the parking when leaving the garage. Read more at P-Kluuvi

Casino Tampere

Casino Tampere has closed its doors on Sunday 10 December 2023. We thank our customers and partners for the past two years.

Contact us

Our customer service offers help and service at veikkaus.fi/fi/asiakaspalvelu

For Casino Helsinki, you can send group reservations, game services, poker tournament tickets and restaurant table reservations via the Contact Us / Reserve Table form or by e-mail to asiakaspalvelu@veikkaus.fi. You can also call 0200 55000 (local network charge/mobile charge). We serve daily from 6am to midnight.

Age limit

To enter the casino, you must be at least 18.  


Entrance to the casino and the cloakroom are free of charge to the casino guests.

Casino Helsinki has a legal obligation to identify and know it’s customers. This means, among other things, that we must verify the identity of our customers.

On the first visit, we create a casino account for you by checking your identity, taking a photograph of you to our system ja ask you to fill in the customer due diligence information. In the future, we will always check your identity upon check-in, so please keep a valid and intact identity document with you.

We accept the following identity documents
1. A passport, granted by Finnish authorities
2. A passport, granted by foreign authorities
3. A personal identity card, granted by Finnish authorities (granted after 1 March 1999) 
4. A personal identity card, granted within the EU and EEA (incl. Switzerland, San Marino), approved as travel document
5. Finnish driver’s license, issued from 1 October 1990 *
6. An alien’s passport and a refugee’s travel document (no records of unclear identity)

*) Veikkaus accepts a Finnish driving license based on a risk assessment for registration. A driving license is a certificate of the right to drive a vehicle granted by Traficom, and it is not accepted as a method of first authentication at banks (online banking ID). We do not accept driver's licenses with special condition 70 (changing driver's license) or 71 (duplicate driver's license, driver's license issued based on a foreign driver's license extract). With Veikkaus' decision, a domestic driver's license can be accepted for verifying identity at casino, taking into account the exceptions mentioned above.

Read more:

Privacy policy statement of the casinos of Veikkaus Oy

Anti-money laundering and customer due diligence privacy policy statement of Veikkaus Oy


Accessibility is a priority at the casino. All the casino’s public spaces are accessible to wheelchair users. We have reserved wheelchair slots near the stage to the gigs held at Casino Helsinki’s Fennia Salonki, and a person holding a Disability Card and having purchased a ticket can take an assistant with them to the gig free of charge, if the card includes the symbol A.

Dress code

You should dress neatly and appropriately for the casino, in line with the night’s theme, and respecting your friends and the other casino visitors. “Casual but smart” is a good guideline, even if you can’t exactly overdress – if you wish to dress to kill, the casino is the right place to do that! Headwear, however is forbidden.  

Payment methods

The games at the casino take cash as the payment method. Our restaurants also take credit card payments. The casino has an Otto Plus ATM. Please note that the Casino does not have the possibility to exchange currency.

Casino ID – key to a responsible world of games

At Veikkaus’ Casino Helsinki, you play authenticated. The Know Your Game customer programme supports responsible gaming. We offer unique gaming experiences and tools that help you control your gaming better. We are also there for you when you wish to limit your gaming. Therefore, all our games are subject to authentication, which is an indispensable part of a responsible casino experience.

We want to protect the joy of gaming, and that is why you will automatically become a member of the Know Your Game programme, when you come to play with us. On your first visit, you will get a Casino ID Card, a key to our world of games.

While playing authenticated, you can access the following tools for gaming control:

  • In table games, daily purchase limits
  • On slot machines, daily time and loss limits  

You can also block your gaming on the slot machines for the rest of the day by pressing the “Panic button” (Peliesto), designed for self-exclusion. If you lose the joy of gaming, you can opt for an entry ban to the casino. For more information on the gaming control tools, please contact our staff.


Table games

Casino Helsinki has 23 game tables. The table game selection includes Roulette, Blackjack, Punto Banco, and Dynamic Poker Pro, as well as five different poker games.

Slots games and Touch Bet roulette

There are bound to be games to everyone’s taste among our vast range of slot machines, numbering ca. 270.

Our game selection also includes electronic table games. The Roulette X gaming area features 16 touchbet terminals. You can find the area on the Fennia side of the casino.


In Casino Helsinki we offer cash poker every day. Our most popular poker is Texas Hold’em No Limit. All Veikkaus’ poker events and campaigns can be found on one site at veikkaus.fi/fi/pokeri.


Bar All In invites both people walking down Mikonkatu and visitors to the casino to take a break and relax in a casual lounge atmosphere. Have a cup of coffee or enjoy a drink – you are guaranteed to have a good time.

Sports Bar Casino Helsinki is a favourite location among sports fans. The numerous screens and vast choice of channels guarantee that you won’t miss your favourite game. You can come on your own, with a friend, or why not bring a group of friends to have a good time in a sporty ambiance and to enjoy delicious dishes from our kitchen.  

Fennia Salonki is the crown jewel of Casino Helsinki. The historical milieu provides an exquisite setting for, e.g., memorable private parties, entertainment events and poker tournaments. Which would you like best?

Lafter is a stylish oasis in the Fennia quarter that combines lunch and after work. At lunch, you can enjoy our weekly changing delicacies served to the tables.


You can buy your tickets to the casino’s events online at Lippu.fi.


Casino Helsinki employs about 100 people who enjoy working in an international atmosphere. Our staff is youthful and outgoing – there are over 20 different job descriptions, ranging from cleaners to croupiers and dealers, from cash managers to maintenance technicians. We all share the desire to serve customers in a versatile manner in a team-spirited working community.

We train our gaming arcade staff in-house, so you do not necessarily have to have prior experience in the gaming industry or the games. Our croupiers and dealers are esteemed professionals even in the international setting, and they have been awarded several prizes, including in the European Dealer Championships.

Casino Helsinki is open all year around, and the working hours fall mainly on evenings and nights. The work is done in shifts. In most departments, you can also opt for part-time work.

Our casino operates on solid values and knowhow as part of Veikkaus’ operations.

Read more about the stories of our employees: read what our croupier Ira tells about her work at Casino Helsinki (article in Finnish).

See all the current job openings at Veikkaus.

You can also send us an open application here.

The restaurants and the casinos, as well as recruitment of the restaurant staff is handled by NoHo Partners Oyj.


Tiina Siltanen
General Manager Tiina Siltanen, Casino Helsinki
Janne Ruohonen
Casino Manager Janne Ruohonen, Casino Helsinki
Jarno Sourio
Security Manager Jarno Sourio, Casino Helsinki

Frequently asked questions

Can you take photos at the casino?

When visiting the casino, guests can photograph the casino and its events. Photography of casino staff, other customers or gaming at slots machines and gaming tables is prohibited.

Can you talk on the phone while gaming?

You are not allowed to use a mobile phone or other devices for remote communication at the game tables. Further, casino customers must not use technical devices, such as calculators or computers or other aids whilst gaming, nor are they allowed to make notes on the game at the card table. An exception to this is the Punto Banco game where you can make notes on the winning hands (“punto”, “banco” or “egalite”). Photographing and the use of other visual or audio recordings are forbidden.  

You can use your mobile phone at the poker table, subject to certain limitations. You must not use an audio player/mobile phone when you are involved in a deal.

What are the duties and responsibilities of Casino Helsinki based on?  

The duties, rights, limitations, and the basis of the operations of the casino are laid down by the Lotteries Act. The Ministry of the Interior oversees the supervision of the casino operations. The ministry also lays down the rules of the games by a decree. Whilst visiting the casino, you must follow the general rules pertaining to the casino, as well as comply with the game instructions concerning each game.  

What are the implications of the regulations to the casino customers?   

As a casino customer, you must comply with the general regulations concerning the gaming activities, the rules of the casino games, and the general casino rules. We attach an image of each customer to the customer records. The public spaces at the casino are under recording camera surveillance. The casino also has the right to stop a person from entering the casino or limit their gaming in accordance with §15 of the Lotteries Act.

How do we pay attention to responsibility at the casino?

Customers are responsible for their gaming, bets, investments, and game reservations, as well as the funds they spend on gaming; yet the casino supports responsible gaming.  

Since 1 July 2021, customers must authenticate themselves by using their Casino ID cards whilst playing slot machines and at tables at the casino. At the tables, you authenticate yourself by giving your Casino ID card to the croupier or dealer, and on slot machines, you feed your card into the card reader. Whilst playing authenticated, customers have access to a selection of gaming control tools: daily and/or monthly purchase limits in the table games, and daily and/or monthly time and loss limits on the slot machines. You can set your limits by contacting the casino’s shift manager.

Casino customers can also ask the casino operator to ban their entry to the casino or to limit the number of their visits. According to the Lotteries Act, the bans or limitations remain in effect at least three months at a time and for a year at the most.  

Why are the general rules there?

The general casino rules have been drafted to help the casino maintain safety, a peaceful, gaming atmosphere, and adherence to the rules of the games. The general casino rules are available for viewing at the casino reception, where we also keep the rules of the games issued by the Ministry of the Interior.

General instructions concerning casinos

Casino Helsinki is part of the operations of Veikkaus Oy