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Our poker room offers live poker every day. You can join the cash games via Veikkaus Poker queue application. Select Casino > Veikkaus Pokeri > Pokerijono [Poker queue]. In the poker queue, you can see all our open poker tables. You can also join cash games by directly contacting the supervisor of the poker room.

The most popular cash games in our casino poker rooms are:  

Omaha Pot Limit

  • buy-in min 100 e no max, blinds 2.5 e / 2.5 e
  • buy-in min 200 e no max, blinds 5 e / 5 e

Texas No Limit

  • buy-in min 50 e max 350 e, blinds 2.5 e / 2.5 e
  • buy-in min 100 e max 1000 e, blinds 5 e / 5 e

We also arrange bigger games and limit games subject to demand. In Helsinki, the cash games are always played in Fennia Salonki during the international tournament weeks.   

Ranking tournaments – to the finals with weekly tournament points

In our weekly tournaments, you play for ranking points. A given share of each prize pot goes to the ranking pot. Read more and the ranking situation.

Major tournament weeks at Casino Helsinki

  • Helsinki Freezeout, annual international tournament week in January  
  • Midnight Sun Poker, annual international tournament week in June  
  • Fennia Grand Slam, annual international tournament week in the autumn  
  • Poker Finnish Championship, Finnish championship tournament week annually in October – November

For all our tournaments, see Veikkaus tournament calendar.

At the casino, you must authenticate yourself in Poker with your responsible gambling Casino ID Card, which enables you to set personal limits on your gambling. In Veikkaus’ online poker, you must use your Veikkaus Card to authenticate yourself. Authentication enables you to access our services both via Veikkaus application and a web browser.