Games Betting


In Pitkäveto (Fixed odds betting), you bet on the winner or the winning combination of a market, for 1–10 markets. All the markets are available as single bets. The winning amount is based on the total odds of the selections included in the game and the chosen bet. The minimum bet for one entry is one euro. You can choose between 1–10 markets using one and the same bet, and the number of the objects does not affect the price of the game.

In a three-selection bet (1X2) you bet on the outcome of the regular game time, whereas in a bet of two selections (12) you bet on the outcome of the entire game (incl. overtime, penalty kick/shootout etc.), unless stated otherwise. An exception to this is the two-selection bet on a handicap or the number of goals scored (e.g., under/over markets), where the bets are determined by the outcome of the regular game time.

In handicap bets, the handicaps awarded to the teams affect the odds. The markets cover the outcome of the regular game time, based on a handicap awarded to the home team or the away team. The amount of the handicap is marked for the team to which the handicap is awarded.

The odds may change while the market is still open. The odds that were in effect at the time of the bet and that were printed on the game receipt remain effective.

Pitkäveto was Veikkaus’ first betting game, launched in 1994.