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Royal Derby horse race game


You can find the Royal Derby horse race game, manufactured by Alfastreet in Fennia Salonki at Casino Helsinki. The game shows mechanic horses competing on a racetrack, just like in real galloping races. The Derby game has 8 terminals on different sides of the gallop circle, where players can join the competition. On one game round, you can bet on several markets. Each round lasts about one minute.  

The game offers two ways of betting:   

  • Win – the selected horse is the winner of the competition
  • Quinella – the selected horses rank among the top two, but the order does not matter.

The minimum bet is 0.5 euros, and the maximum bet is 20 euros a market. During one round, you can bet on 1–21 markets.

You can book two different packages of Royal Derby for a group of 2‒16 people with us. For more information on group tournaments and private events, please see here.

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